Hi, I am Mariëlle.

I am passionate about Movement and working with people.

From a young age till now Movement always created a deep feeling of joy, adventure, and liveliness in me. Moving with music and being in the moment became my main passion. For me music combines both an emotional and physical state of being. I have found that Pilates also helps me bridge this duality in a positive and powerful way.

I studied Bachelor of Dance Education in the Netherlands and have been teaching different Dance styles to all ages since. Including Classical Ballet, Jazz Dance and one of my favorite Modern Contemporary Dance.

Coming to Nelson brought me a different Passion for Movement when I started my Pilates Teacher training with Tania Huddart from Hearts a Bones Pilates studio where I gained my Pilates Certificate end 2021.


If people come to my Dance or Pilates classes, young & old; they will experience a fun and open way of Moving where everyone can be themselves in.


I offer technical Dance classes with a fun twist. Main themes are about enjoying the music, finding your musicality, gaining knowledge about the Dance style and having a physical challenge. All classes are designed to improve dance skills in every way.

Be yourself and have fun!


In my Pilates classes you are free to discover whole-body movement that is not prescribed. There is room for curiosity to understand why the body moves the way it does and how to heal through movement. I am drawn to sharing this discovery with people I teach.

In my classes I offer a challenging but playful experience. Each session is unique and personalized to what you need both on the day and as your long-term goals. For me, movement learned in the studio should cross over into daily life to be of real value. I help you to see this connection and gain more joy from moving in your everyday life.

At M-Movement every-body is welcome at all times.

I enjoy bringing people together and know what my passion for Movement means. I feel very lucky to be able to bring my two passions together, and am much looking forward to share this passion with more people. As I know and believe how much GOOD Movement can do.