In my Pilates classes you are free to discover whole-body movement that is not prescribed. There is room for curiosity to understand why the body moves the way it does and how to heal through movement. I am drawn to sharing this discovery with people I teach.

In my classes I offer a challenging but playful experience.

Each session is unique and personalized to what you need both on the day and as your long-term goals. For me, movement learned in the studio should cross over into daily life to be of real value.
I help you to see this connection and gain more joy from moving in your everyday life.

Pilates Group Classes

Experience & enjoy Pilates, create body awareness by doing movement in a group. A playful class to work in a groups setting towards what your body needs surrounded by other

Private Pilates sessions in the studio

A personalized Pilates session with Equipment to help the body move in it's best way. In these Private sessions we focus on your personal goals and exercise preferences. In the Pilates studio of Hearts and Bones we have access to all Pilates equipment to find a way of movement which is most beneficial for your body.
Private or Duo sessions are perfect if you would like to understand the Pilates discipline, create a new way of moving, healing the body or prepare yourself for a physical challenge. By working on personal goals, change will be noticed faster.
It is possible to book a consultation session or directly buy a 4-class card.

What kind of Pilates options does M-Movement offer?

Pilates group classes

Pilates mat classes in a group situation. Group classes will provide a beautiful way to work out with other likeminded movers. There is enough space to work on personal goals in this group situation. Having the energy of others around us can work motivating. Equipment will be in the studio, think of mats, rings and balls.

Pilates one-on-one @ Hearts and Bones Pilates Studio

In the Private Pilates sessions there is really time to work on your personal (body) goals. In the studio in Richmond we can use all Pilates equipment like: Reformer, Cadillac, Ladder barrel and all other tools.

Pilates Private online class

Work on personal goals from a distance. These mat classes will be created around what your body needs and what you would like to work on. A great way for movers who would like to stay at home.