Updates 2022

Trip to Europe.

After 3 years it is finally possible to travel back to Europe. That is why from the 1st October 2022 M-movement will be closed till further notice.

Always feel free to contact me for any questions or interest. I will take my movement passion with me and always happy to share.

Hope you all keep moving.

From 26th July the comeback of the Pilates Flow Mat class. A 1-hour class where we go over the fundamentals of Pilates in a continuing and playful way. Creating understanding of body movement, strengthening and lengthening the body, and of course enjoy this movement together.

For 10 weeks M-Movement will be teaching Pilates and Dance-Pilates at the Nelson Golf club.
Monday: Pilates mat class.
This session will be a movement flow class, using the fundamentals of Pilates, focusing on the benefits of Pilates and pointing out how these movements can cross over in daily life.
Friday: Dance-Pilates
M-Movement combined two disciplines to create movement sessions where Dance and Pilates are combined. It is a
Programme about health and longevity. A fun way to explore both disciplines, create a fun way of moving and experience the benefit of both.
For more information contact Mariëlle @ marielle@mmovement.nl

M-Movement is currently working on an Active Aging Movement Programme.

A Programme about health and longevity, where Pilates and Dance are woven into each other to create a fun way to work body and mind.

The Pilot version of this Programme will be active from July 2022.